Let’s start with our current project.

Retro Revolution please to announce our latest 2D platformer game inspire from Megaman “Meta Gal”

Player role as Gal.00.”Meta Gal” android girl who fight against army of General Creeper who capture her creator “Dr.Ray” and force to modify her sister into battle robot use for war.


Similar to Megaman player must fight through robot army and survive from different kind of trap and meet boss enemies at the end of level maybe We can introduce all of them here together.


Gal.00 Meta Gal = She’s main protagonist of the game which player role, her basic ability not so different from classic Megaman with bullet shooter , dash and Power Shot she also have ability to process ability from other Gal she defeat and use by her own.

Gal.01 Shield Gal = Android girl with ability to manipulate plasma energy and use as shield.

Gal.02 Dash Gal = Android girl who use flame as weapon she’s love speed and so proud in her own.

Gal.03 Buster Ga = Heavy arms battle android other than that she love everything about explosion!.

Gal.04 Warp Gal = Most advance android of all 4 she have teleport ability and hover drive allow her to go every where she want not mention companion bits who away protect her from harm.

Gal.0X Chaos Gal =Mystic android who work for creeper army she have ability equal to Gal.00 or even stronger in some case.