METAGAL now available on Steam




METAGAL Release on 23 May 2016


Our Store page now finish along with achievement since it’s our first game we ever made for steam I’m very happy to see us come this far.

As developer we though we already made the game we enjoy to play, I can say this game is a lot larger than out original plan.

Even so we have no idea if player feel in same way all I know is we gambit so much to make this game happen and now we can only wait to see the result.

Metagal will release on steam in May 23 with 3.99$ you can visit our store here.


METAGAL get greenlit!

We have submit METAGAL to steam green light program after waiting for 2 week finally we got greenlit by community! We glade to see people have interest in our METAGAL. Now we don’t have to worry about where to sell the game anymore Thank you for every one who support us.